EQWin Software Inc.  (formerly Gemteck Environmental Software Ltd.) has been producing, distributing and supporting
its flagship software product, EQWin Data Manager, for over a decade.

Originally developed as a mainframe application for managing and reporting on environmental data gathered from global mining operations, EQWin has evolved continuously as a Windows-based system since 1995 to emerge as a recognized leader in innovative, leading-edge environmental data management software.  Our software is used worldwide by hundreds of environmental engineers and technologists worldwide in mining, government, solid waste management and consulting.

EQWin Software continues to pursue its tradition of

focusing on software solutions for managing environmental data in a world of changing technologies and regulatory requirements. 

EQWin focuses in depth on the requirements for collecting, analyzing, storing and interpreting sample data from environmental monitoring programs where samples are taken periodically at specified points (stations) and measured for a wide variety of physical and chemical parameters. The software has powerful, flexible, easy-to-use approaches to  data import, data analysis, reporting and export. It has advanced exceedance reporting features. It is also ideal for very long-term data retention, making baseline and historical data as accessible as current data.

EQWin Desktop Edition 6.8, released in 2013, is designed for use by individuals on standalone systems and by workgroups connected over a LAN to a shared network drive.


EQWin is fully integrated with Microsoft Excel
giving you the flexibility and power to analyse EQWin data in an already-familiar spreadsheet environment.

Where is EQWin used?
EQWin is used  worldwide by mining companies, environmental consultants, landfill operators and government departments. Its flexibility and configurability make it adaptable to almost all regulatory standards and reporting requirements.

EQWin Language Translator Module is a unique feature that lets users work in the language of their choosing.


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